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The Arboretum is home to over 12.5 km of trails. These include pathways through natural forests, fields, plant collections and gardens. Running is allowed on all of our non-forested trails (more information on our running trails). Visit this page for a full map of all our trails.

Please leave our trails how you found them. We don't allow any collecting of seeds, insects or other natural items without permission. We encourage dog walkers to utilize The Arboretum but dogs must always be on a leash and owners must stoop and scoop the poop!

Ivey Trail

ivey trail

This 1.1-km "backbone" trail of The Arboretum starts at the Information Kiosk and ends at the J.C. Taylor Nature Centre. It provides access to most of The Arboretum's other trail systems. Sponsored by the Richard Ivey Foundation in 1989, the Ivey Trail provides a scenic open walking path that allows you to easily move through the grounds without following Arboretum Road.

The trail is identified by a white "IVEY" on the trail posts. The other trail post symbols that you will encounter are illustrated in the brochure below with their corresponding trail or collection. 

Find a PDF of our Ivey Trail Brochure at the bottom of the page.

Trillium Trail

trillium trail

This 2.0-km loop passes through 10 plant collections and crosses many other Arboretum trails. It is the best trail for jogging and cross-country skiing. If you go northwest along this trail, it will take you to the Roy Hammond Rotary Tree Grove. This collection displays over 30 species and varieties of hardy native and exotic trees suitable for roadside planting in cities and suburbs.

W-C Memorial Forest Trail 

W-C memorial forest trail

This trail is part of a program linked to the Wall-Custance Funeral Home and Chapel in Guelph. Trees are planted each year to match the number of donations made to commemorate the lives of loved ones. More information about the Memorial Forest.

Col. John McCrae Trail

McCrae Trail

Passing through the Gravel Pit Rehabilitation Collection and along a century-old hedgerow, this trail links Wild Goose Woods and Victoria Woods. 

Wild Goose Woods Trail 

photo of person walking along wild goose woods boardwalk

This nature trail consists of boardwalks and dirt paths that meander through areas of marsh, forest, and swamp habitat, which contain a wide variety of native wildlife species. More information about Wild Goose Woods.

Victoria Woods Trail

people taking photos along victoria woods trail

This trail meanders through an old-growth maple-beech woodland, an area that has never been clear-cut. More information about Victoria Woods.

Mtigwaaki Trail

Interpretive sign in Victoria Woods

This nature trail was developed by working with Anishinaabe Elders and Knowledge Holders as well as Anishinaabe environmental scientists. The trail contains four interpretive signs within Victoria Woods that are designed to foster viewers understanding of the forest from an Anishinabek perspective and call them to act on how we can better treat Mother Earth.

Arboretum Recreational Side Trail

Arboretum Side Trail sign

This trail is located in the northeast area of The Arboretum and connects to both the city's trail system and the Guelph Radial Line Trail. 

Watch a 26 minute virtual hike of this trail from the Guelph Covered Bridge to the top of the steps at the entrance to the Arboretum, presented by Chris Earley the Arboretum Interpretive Biologist and Kitty and Jenny Lin, Naturalist Interpreter Interns.

Map marking the route of the trail

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