Meet the Staff

A group of arboretum staff standing on grass in front of the office.

Justine Richardson
Aron Fazekas
Research Co-ordinator
Barb Watson-Ash
Marketing and Office Co-ordinator
Brad Howie
Anishinaabe educator and naturalist intern
Cael Wishart
Horticulturalist - Gardener
Chris Earley
Interpretive Biologist & Education Co-ordinator 
Dawn Ann Webster
Bookings Co-ordinator
Jenny Lin
Naturalist Intern
Kellen Wood
GIS Technician / Equipment Operator
Michelle Beltran
Naturalist Intern
Polly Samland
(On Leave) Horticultural and Plant Records Technologist
Kitty Lin
Naturalist Intern
Sadie Campbell
Horticultural Intern 
Sarah Farquharson
Horticultural and Plant Records Technologist (April 2022-March 2023) 
Sean Fox
Research Associate 
Manager of Horticulture and Curator