Many amazing things happen in The Arboretum, and we try to document them all! Check out our Youtube channel to watch videos on our workshops, Wednesday Walks, events, discoveries, and more.


There is lots to discover at The Arboretum! Learn more about The Arboretum and the things going on here through our informative videos.

Every Wednesday, our Naturalist Interns lead a informational walk. We have recently adapted this program to online, so you can join in from home. A new video is uploaded weekly.


A new species of lichen has been discovered, and it's only found in the Arboretum! Watch this video to find out more!


There are lots of awesome workshops happening year round at The Arboretum. You can get a glimpse at some of our workshops through the videos below. For more information about workshops and a complete list of our workshops, please go to our workshops page.

Watch this video to see what you might find on our 'Winter Invertebrates' workshop:


Learn all about owls in our Night Stalker's Owl Prowl workshop!


The Arboretum has a rich history. In its 50 years of operation, our plants have grown and so have we! Learn more about The Arboretum's history in the video below:

The Arboretum Grounds

The Arboretum stretches over 400 acres of land in the middle of Guelph, Ontario. Our grounds are diverse; they are filled with gardens, nature trails, ponds, wetlands, and more! Check out the videos below to get a glimpse at the beauty of The Arboretum.

There are so many beautiful places and things to see in The Arboretum!


The Arboretum is constantly changing so make sure you come back often to see it in all of it's seasonal glory!