Arboretum Lichens

Pin-cushion sunburst lichen

Lichens are usually a combination of a fungus and a green algae or a blue-green algae or a combination of all three.  In this symbiotic relationship, the fungus is able to obtain nutrients from the air and water that washes over them, while the algae is able to get energy from the sun (photosynthesis).  Recent research has added yeast to this mix as well!

It is easy to think that discovering new species is a thing of the past, or something that only happens in exotic far away countries. But new species of lichen are still being found right here in our very own backyard - the Guelph Arboretum! 

This tiny new-to-science lichen species was found in The Arboretum. Photo by Jose Maloles.

This tiny new-to-science lichen species is called Chaenotheca selvae and it is currently only known to exist within the Guelph Arboretum! Troy McMullin has done extensive research on lichens here at The Arboretum, and, along with his colleagues Steven Newmaster and Jose Maloles, has discovered a total of 111 species of lichens in The Arboretum (see list below), including the above species as well as more than a dozen super rare lichen species. 

Check out this video all about C.selvae!

 To learn more about Troy's research and find a link to a published paper on Arboretum lichens, click here.

 The Arboretum's big six lichens. Candleflame Lichen, Mealy Rosette Lichen, Hooded Rosette Lichen, Hooded Sunburst Lichen, Star Rosette Lichen, Hammered Shield Lichen.
This cool photo by Patrick Boerlin shows a piece of bark from The Arboretum with five of the six most common species of lichens found here. The inset photo is the sixth species.

Sulphur Firedot Lichen, Caloplaca flavovirescens
Sulphur Firedot Lichen, Caloplaca flavovirescens. Photo by Troy McMullin.

Powder-edged Speckled Greenshield Lichen, Flavopunctelia soredica
Powder-edged Speckled Greenshield Lichen, Flavopunctelia soredica. Photo by Troy McMullin

Powdery Sunburst Lichen, Xanthomendoza ulophyllodes.
Powdery Sunburst Lichen, Xanthomendoza ulophyllodes. Photo by Troy McMullin


Lichens and Allied Fungi of The Arboretum, Guelph, Ontario

Scientific & Vernacular names of Lichens and Allied Fungi found within The Arboretum
Scientific Name Vernacular Name Lichen Type
Acarospora fuscata Brown cobblestone lichen  
Acarospora moenium none known  
Amandinea punctata Tiny button lichen  
Anisomeridium polypori none known  
Arthonia caesia Frosted comma lichen  
Arthonia caudata none known  
Arthrosporum populorum none known  
Bacidia schweinitzii Surprise lichen   
Bacidina egenula none known  
Bilimbia sabuletorum Six-celled moss-dot  
Caloplaca arenaria Granite firedot lichen  
Caloplaca cerina Gray-rimmed firedot lichen  
Caloplaca feracissima Sidewalk firedot lichen  
Caloplaca flavovirescens Sulphur firedot lichen  
Caloplaca holocarpa Firedot lichen  
Caloplaca microphyllina None known  
Caloplaca pyracea Firedot lichen  
Caloplaca soralifera None known  
Candelaria concolor Candleflame lichen Big Six
Candelariella aurella Hidden goldspeck lichen  
Candelariella efflorescens Powdery goldspeck lichen  
Candelariella vitellina Common goldspeck lichen  
Catillaria nigroclavata None known  
Chaenotheca sp. Whisker lichen  
Chaenotheca xyloxena Snag whiskers  
Chaenothecopsis exilis  Pin lichen Saprophytic fungi
Chaenothecopsis sp.  Ambiguous pin lichen Allied fungi nonlichenized
Cladonia chlorophaea Mealy pixie-cup  
Cladonia coniocraea Common powderhorn  
Cladonia cristatella British Soldiers  
Cladonia fimbriata Trumpet lichen  
Caldonia incrassata Powder-foot British Soldiers  
Cladonia macilenta Lipstick powderhorn  
Cladonia macilenta var. bacillaris Lipstick powderhorn  
Cladonia ochrochlora Smooth-footed powderhorn  
Cladonia phyllophora Felt Lichen  
Cladonia pyxidata Pebbled pixie-cup  
Cladonia rei Wand lichen  
Coenogonium pineti Dimple lichen   
Cyphelium tigillare Soot lichen  
Evernia mesomorpha Boreal oakmoss  
Evernia prunastri Oakmoss lichen  
Flavoparmelia caperata Common greenshield lichen  
Flavopunctelia flaventior Speckled greenshield  
Flavopunctelia soredica Powder-edged speckled greenshield  
Graphis scripta Common script lichen  
Hyperphyscia adglutinata Grainy shadow-crust  
Hypocenomyce scalaris Common clam lichen  
Illosporiopsis christiansenii none known Lichenolicolous fungi
Julella fallaciosa none known  
Lecania croatica none known  
Lecania naegelii none known Scientific Name    
Lecanora allophana f. sorediata none known  
Lecanora dispersa Mortar rim lichen  
Lecanora hagenii Hagens rim lichen   
Lecanora meridionalis Southern rim lichen  
Lecanora polytropa Granite-speck rim lichen  
Lecanora sambuci Rim-lichen 2  
Lecanora strobilina Mealy rim lichen  
Lecanora symmicta Fused rim lichen  
Lecanora thysanophora Mapledust  
Lecidea sp. Tile lichen  
Lecidella stigmatea Disk lichen  
Lepraria finkii Fluffy dust lichen  
Lepraria neglecta Zoned dust lichen   
Melanelixia subaurifera Abraded camouflage lichen  
Micarea peliocarpa Shadow dot lichen  
Mycocalicium subtile Snag pin Saprophytic fungi
Ochrolechia arborea Saucer lichen  
Ovicuculispora parmeliae none known  
Parmelia saxatilis Salted shield lichen   
Parmelia sulcata Hammered shield lichen Big Six
Peltigera elisabethae Scaly pelt  
Peltigera neckeri Black saddle lichen  
Peltigera neopolydactyla Carpet pelt  
Peltigera polydactylon Many-fruited pelt  
Peltigera praetextata Born-again Pelt lichen  
Phaeocalicium curtisii  Sumac needle lichen Saprophytic fungi
Phaeocalicium polyporaeum  Polypore needle lichen Saprophytic fungi
Phaeophyscia adiastola Powder-tipped shadow lichen  
Phaeophyscia hirsuta Hairy Shadow lichen  
Phaeophyscia orbicularis Mealy shadow lichen  
Phaeophyscia pusilloides Pompon shadow lichen  
Phaeophyscia rubropulchra Orange-cored shadow lichen  
Physcia adscendens  Hooded rosette lichen  
Physcia aipolia Hoary rosette lichen  
Physcia millegrana  Mealy rosette lichen Big Six
Physcia stellaris  Star rosette lichen Big Six
Physciella chloantha Powdery-margined cryptic rosette  
Physciella melanchra Mealy cryptic rosette  
Physconia detersa Bottlebrush frost lichen  
Physconia enteroxantha Yellow-edged frost lichen  
Porpidia speirea Boulder lichen  
Protoblastenia rupestris Orange dot lichen  
Protoparmelia hypotremella none known  
Punctelia rudecta Rough speckled shield lichen  
Rinodina destituta none known  
Rinodina freyi none known  
Sarcogyne regularis Frosted grain-spored lichen  
Sarea resinea Orange resin dots  
Scoliciosporum umbrinum none known  
Sphinctrina anglica Short-stalked pin lichen Lichenolicolous fungi
Strangospora moriformis none known  
Trapeliopsis flexuosa Board lichen  
Usnea hirta Bristly beard lichen  
Verrucaria nigrescens Speck lichen  
Xanthomendoza fallax Hooded sunburst lichen Big Six
Xanthomendoza ulophyllodes Powdery sunburst lichen  
Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia Cumberland rock-shield  
Xanthoria parietina Maritime sunburst lichen  
Xanthoria polycarpa Pin-cushion sunburst lichen  


Species found near, but not in, The Arboretum    

Scientific and Vernacular names of local non-Arboretum Lichen
Scientific Name Vernacular Name Lichen Type 
Multiclavula mucida    Club-mushroom lichen  
Xanthoria elegans        Elegant sunburst lichen