Report a Sighting


Many of the species of wildlife that occur in The Arboretum are secretive or hard to see.  Some only visit during migration.  If you are on a walk here and see something that catches your eye, please let us know about it!  You can send your sightings to And if you can get a photo of what you see, we will post it to our Instagram (crediting you, of course).  Here are a few examples of some fun sightings made by our visitors.

A Coyote has been entertaining residents of the Village by The Arboretum (photo by Norris Hoag).


A Grade 5 student, William Konze, found a Red Bat during a school program visit. This is a new mammal species for The Arboretum list! (photo by Tracy Lockwood)

Red Bat

One of our docents (teaching volunteers) found a new species of fungi for the Arboretum called a Collared Earthstar.


A runner took shelter from a passing rainstorm and found his spot under a spruce tree was already taken by a tiny Northern Saw-whet Owl (photo by Erica Scott-Thomas).


During a school tour, some teenaged students found a Spot-winged Glider, a new dragonfly species for Arboretum.

dragon fly