trees in the snow

The Arboretum is a favourite place for both professional and amateur photographers.  Whether it be a fall colour landscape, a family hike shot or a bird at the feeder, there is something here for all photography tastes.

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Here are some examples of shots taken here at The Arboretum.

Female Pileated Woodpecker
Female Pileated Woodpecker by Karl Egressy

Coyote by Norris Hoag

Arboretum Promenade
Arboretum Promenade by Alan Watson

Painted Turtle
Painted Turtle by Jon Brierley

Kalm's St. Johnswort
Kalm's St. Johnswort by Sean Fox

Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple by Chris Earley

White-tailed Deer
White-tailed Deer fawn by Bryna Belisle